Dewalt DW744XRS Best Job-Site

Woodwork is challenging especially the ripping portion. It’s beyond making typical crosscuts for you have to bear with lengthy wood-pieces. And these cutting objects further vary in length so you have to adjust the power tool accordingly. That means you have to deal with new equipment setup each time another ripping piece goes on the rip.

Other than that, getting the object in place is yet another frustrating issue. Good thing if I am still in my 20’s taking pride of my youth and vigour. Unfortunately that is not case, I am already in my late 40’s bothered by arthritis from time to time. Oh there is nothing to worry about, not anymore! My son got me this handy table saw:

Dewalt DW744XRS

Grab your personal unit at Amazon for less than $650 only.

Dewalt DW744XRS Review

Are you wondering why it is a big relief at work? And so allow me to share some of its built-in ripping technologies that can take care of the hardwork. Sure, you will also be astonished by its convenient features and functions, here they go: Powerful Motor, Improved Capacity, Convenient Operation, Portable Packaging, Low Maintenance.

I bet that is a sold out list! For sure you would like to know the details about these exclusive features and functions. Feel free to learn more about this ripping machine as you go along the Dewalt DW744XRS review. No doubt, it is the best table saw you have been looking for.

As it is a power tool, Dewalt DW744XRS deserves a power component. Luckily, it holds 15-amp high torque motor that generates superb ripping power. In turn, it triggers the 24-tooth Carbide Blade to spin up to 3,800rpm no load speed. It also features integrated electronic feedback that maintains high efficiency blade speed all throughout the process. And the system works best in ripping pressure-treated lumber as well as hardwoods. In case you have not heard yet, the torque motor is also popular in making indefinite spins without harming itself. Sure, you can expect thorough operation at high level of quality.

Great news! You can deal with huge wood-pieces. Thanks to the telescoping fence that can handle up to 24-½-inch maximum rip capacity. That is the maximum rip capacity to the right side of the blade while it can make up to 15-½-inch rip to the left. Yes, you can always optimize the ripping action given these generous numbers. You can also cut dados up to 13/15-inch wide ideal for detailed woodworking pursuit. What is even more interesting is that it cuts deep at 3-½-inch at 90 degrees and 2-¼-inch at 45 degrees. All of these cutting tricks are further supported by the extra wide 26-½-by-19-¼-inch table.

Perhaps you have got a share of complicated ripping setup. The adjustment procedure can be very meticulous considering the many wood-pieces with varying dimensions. Consequently, you have to deal with new adjustment particulars each time another wood-piece hits the table. To spare you from the hassle, Dewalt DW744XRS features adjustable fence rails. The adjustment configuration enables quick, smooth, and accurate cuts. And the unit makes long cuts courtesy of the fence telescoping design. Integrated fence rails can reach up to 24-inch range for cutting full wood sheets. This sort of fence technology is only part of the Dewalt Versatile Site-Pro Modular Guarding System that employs toll-free adjustment of guarding components.

If you are looking for long time investment, this power tool is the perfect option. In fact, you can keep the item in good running condition for a long period of time. For instance, the heavy duty internal motor guarantees long lasting operational efficiency. It minimizes vibration all throughout the ripping course by stabilizing the arbour. It takes pride of soft-start feature to minimize typical wear and tear inflicted on main components. In turn, you get to minimize the curse of start-up torque that can harm the motor and the gear. To keep the unit and the workplace clean, it comes along with two-inch dust collection port leading to the Shop-Vac for dust-free working niche.

What’s more? You get to take your ripping activity anytime and anywhere only with Dewalt DW744XRS. That is made possible by the built-in rolling stand carrying the main table saw. You heard me right! The package includes the wheeled stand characterized by heavy duty construction coupled by folding legs and another heavy duty pair of wheels. That means you can expect a highly portable ripping machine which you can roll at your desired worksite. Upon reaching the spot, you can simply extend the legs in place to mount the unit. And you can get started with your ripping techniques.

Dewalt DW744 at Amazon

Great news! Dewalt DW744XRS is available in affordable deals for less than $650. That means you can save over 40% discount plus FREE super saver shipping service. What more can you ask for?

The package includes the following:

  • Dewalt DW744XRS main unit
  • 10-inch 24-tooth carbide saw blade
  • Rolling table saw stand
  • Miter saw gauge
  • Push stick

Here is the best part of the deal! Rest assured you can get a share of Dewalt’s active support team. You can always rely on its back up warranty program. It comes along with three-year limited warranty contract. And it is coupled by ninety-day money back guarantee plus one-year free service contract.

The 4.4/5-star Amazon customer rating is testament to the quality ripping performance exclusive to the unit. Here are some of the affirmative customer statements that you should check out. Who knows? You might be making yours soon.

“A great portable table saw”
“Excellent portable saw”
“Great contractor/site table saw”
“Great saw and a powerhouse..”
“Love the saw”

It looks like you cannot please everybody. One contradicting customer testimony claims that Dewalt DW744XRS has poor fence alignment issue. It is but odd because it has been noted earlier that the telescoping fence design facilitates convenient setup of rails. No doubt, it is an isolated case that must be forwarded to the friendly customer support team. Besides, the one-year free service contract can fairly take charge on the matter, not to mention the three-year limited warranty in case something goes wrong.

There is no need to look somewhere else! Amazon offers great value deals for less than $650 inclusive of 48% discount plus FREE super saver shipping service! And it has many other affordable deals from affiliate online stores.

Best Table Saw Guide 2015

A best table saw is one of the crucial devices utilized as a part of carpentry. It might be a basic carpentry gear yet can really perform different errands. It fundamentally cuts wooden pieces into diverse sizes and shapes. Any carpentry shop would be fragmented without a table saw.


best table sawA table saw ought to be the first machine a carpenter ought to buy as it is a significantly adaptable gadget which will be utilized as a part of for all intents and purpose all carpentry steps. It is the centerpiece of any carpentry shop. The carpenter will utilize the table saw to tear, miter, square, notch, shape and join wooden sorts out. The table saw has a smooth yet overwhelming work surface. It has a handle to be utilized as a part of bringing down or raising the saw blade. An alternate handle is to be utilized as a part of altering the blade plot and also to adjust the dust gathering associations.

What makes a decent table saw is a solid engine that can begin proficiently without so much vibrations. A solid engine additionally has sufficient horsepower to cut deeper on harder woods.

The table saw additionally has a safety supplies, a blade guard, which serves as the insurance of a carpenter against uncovered saw blade. The table saw likewise has an enormous and effectively arrived at force switch. There are table saws, particularly the cutting edge ones, are furnished with an extensive oar which can be pulled to switch on the saw or pushed to switch the saw off. This is truly invaluable now and again the carpenter’s hands are steadying the material to be cut so their knee can simply helpfully press the switch.

How To Buy A Best Table Saw

At the point when looking for a table saw, the tear wall is one of the essential things to check. The wall must be always parallel to the blade. The table saw should likewise be furnished with controls to adjust the wall modification. Best table saw are fabricated with Biesemeyer wall for sturdily yet easily tearing extensive wood pieces and it likewise permits a plume board or conciliatory strip to be secured onto the wall.

An alternate vital segment of a table saw is the miter gage which is utilized as a part of plotted cross cuts. Great quality table saws are made with T-depressions to secure the miter gage and keep it set up while being utilized. The miter gage can be checked with the correct setting for the obliged cutting edge.

The table saw might likewise have extra segments and devices like dado cutting sets, toning jigs, tapering jigs, panel cutting and sliding tables. All added devices to the table saw will make it more flexible inside the carpentry shop.

At the point when buying a best table saw, you will need to first survey the saw sorts accessible. The most costly yet solid sort is the bureau table saw while an economical model is the seat top table saw. Center extent table saw is the builder table saw which is portable and normal cost.

In putting the table saw in the work shop, make beyond any doubt that there is satisfactory space in the space for the instrument. Every last bit of its main four sides ought to have uncluttered cutting space. So before buying a best table saw, measure first the territory where it will be set and select a table saw that fits in the measurements in your carpentry shop.

Dewalt DW745 Best Portable Table Saw

Making customized furniture in the local market is my cup of tea. I have been on this business for three years and I am proud to admit I started on scratch. I wish to tell my story to inspire people out there that success on this niche is possible with the right tools on hand.

I started as a helper and I only had my very own shop after a year when my father got his retirement pay. And, I believe my first power tool purchase has been my lucky charm along the way. Since then, I got big-time orders just right for my big-time table saw. Hence, I owe this review to my lucky charm, Dewalt dw745 heavy duty 10-inch compact job site table saw with 16 inch max rip. Good thing the unit is available at Amazon for less than $350 plus huge discounts.

Dewalt DW745 Review

Here is a Dewalt dw745 review to express my personal take on the product. I am sharing this good news as much as I want to share the fortune it has brought many woodworkers around. Also, this Dewalt DW745 table saw has more than to offer than mere luck, it is compact with superb features and functions: Performance, Efficacy, Capacity, Security, Portability.

Indeed, it is worth to recognize Dewalt dw745 in a review to merit its innovative highlights. I am not selling the product on this dw745 review though, for I will simply get you acquainted with the fundamentals of a table saw. In effect, Dewalt dw745 highlights will only be fillers on the concepts presented.

Any power tool requires a powerful motor that can keep the blade spinning. It is understood that the motor is responsible for electric current emission sufficient to sustain desirable rotational speed. In turn, it is of strong importance to check on both measures to fairly tell cutting performance of a specific unit. In particular, Dewalt dw745 is powered by a 15-amp motor that generates 3,850rpm perfect in making solid and speedy cuts even in tough woodworks.

Blade is the banner component of every cutting tool. Take note that the wedge is directly responsible in the cutting process being in direct contact on the woodpiece. Primary concern on the cutter is the material and design that determines initial cutting potential.

For instance, the carbide saw blade is renowned for high resistant and high speed cutting that is obviously above par. Good thing this sort of blade is integrated in the dw745 series of Dewalt table saw. In fact, the package includes 10-inch 24T carbide blade that delivers seamless ripping thoroughly. Not only that, the cutter can tilt up to 45 degrees on either side for bevel cuts. Save up to 52% when you buy the entire package along with the carbide blade at Amazon!

Ripping is the prime specialty of the table saw that is making long cuts on workpieces. This is made possible by the special setting integrated on this tool. The rip fence is one significant component along the ripping process. It guides the material from the start up to the end of the feeding procedure making sure that everything is right on track.

Specifically, Dewalt dw745 has an impressive ripping mechanism characterized by 16-inch right and 12-inch left maximum rip capacity plus 3-1/8-inch (90-degree) and 2-1/4-inch (45-degree) depth capacity.

Table saw ripping is a risky undertaking that exposes the user to danger. Undoubtedly, the entire process is a challenge in terms of caution and precision. The tendency of a kickback at any point is the most dreaded possibility throughout the procedure. This is likely to happen when the material either gets caught on the blade or remains unstable during the feeding process.

Aside from getting an efficient rip fence system and smooth blade mechanism, another integration that can help avert kickback inclination is the splitter. The most common form of splitter is the riving knife placed just behind the blade preventing occurrence of rotated woodpiece. Eliminating the likelihood of a kickback is the Site-Pro Modular Guarding System that utilizes riving knife, pawl, and top guard anti-kickback mechanisms exclusive to Dewalt innovations extended to the dewalt dw745 table saw edition.

Consider that ripping just like all other carpentry works comes as an everywhere demand. It is then essential to look into the possibility of getting the task available anytime and anywhere. And, the best way to achieve this is by looking for a best portable table saw compact with complete ripping properties. No worries, Dewalt dw745 can lighten up your weighty concern specially built with impressive product highlights chock-a-block in 45lbs lightweight package.

Dewalt DW745 at Amazon

In terms of competitive offers, nothing beats Amazon in making great online purchase deals. No wonder, you get to enjoy the $370 off the original price upon purchase of Dewalt dw745 at Amazon. However, you can still make price comparisons with offers from other distributors with links accessible at Amazon and Dewalt websites.

Product Package Accessories:

  • Miter Gauge
  • 10-inch 24T carbide saw blade
  • Push stick
  • Blade guard

Yes, you’re in good hands. Sealed with Dewalt quality control clearance, the deawalt dw745 table saw model is likewise covered by three-year limited warranty period for utmost customer satisfaction.

What do they say? Based on Amazon (4.5/5 stars) and Dewalt (4/5 stars) customer reviews, Dewalt dw745 garnered a nominal rating of 4.25 out of 5 stars. Here are some of the remarkable positive comments from 60 Amazon reviewers.

“Absolutely the best saw in its class”
“easy to setup and easy to use”
“Excellent value table saw”
“Great little saw”
“Impressive Little Saw”
“Small, precise, reliable”
“Serves its purpose”

Dewalt dw745 though, has a fair share of critiques from customer reviews. One significant issue though, that merits concern is the noise emitted by the motor which can be resolved by getting some ear protector which are readily available in the market at affordable prices. Some other issues regarding the table saw components commonly depict matters that require getting acquainted with the tool design.

Online purchases of the dw745 edition of Dewalt table saw is readily available on virtual stores and distributors with links accessible at Amazon and Dewalt websites. As for the most affordable deal, it is worth availing the product package offered at Amazon.

Take advantage of great value deals on Dewalt dw745 table saw at Amazon that includes 52% discount and FREE super saver shipping service!

Table Saw Comparisons

Going over the table saw comparisons for table saws are important, and something that you should do before you purchase a new one. This is because many times when you are looking over the comparisons on saws, you are going to find many features and other things that you did not know about with a particular saw that you might or might not have been considering.

You will find that if you look online for table saw comparisons, you will find many places that will allow you to compare saws. This is so that you can get the saw that you are wanting, and not think you are getting something special in a particular saw that you are not.

Many things are compared in table saw comparisons. One of these things is the price of the saws. This way you can be sure of the price that you think the saw is that you want. You can also see the prices of the other saws that are for sale, and make sure you are getting the best table saw for your money. This is a great idea to compare saws before you purchase.

Something else that is compared in table saw comparisons are the many features of the saws. This is a great idea to make sure that you are getting the table saw that has the features that you are wanting. You will want to be sure that you read over these carefully, and get the one that you want and make sure it has the features that you are wanting as well.

As you can see, there are many reasons that table saw comparisons are important. You can compare prices, features, brands, and many more things as well. You can also compare shipping prices if you are considering purchasing one online. This is great, and will help you to ensure that you are getting a great deal on the saw that you are wanting.

Bosch 4000-07 Reviews

When I started my career as a woodworker, I used to believe that a creative hand recognizes no tool. By that I mean I can make masterpieces using any available power tool at hand. In fact, the tools I have been using are only handed over by my big brother.

For a year, this has been my personal belief until I got this chance to collaborate with a friend in one of my projects. I decided to move into his shop temporarily for that reason. It became one memorable experience that changed my prejudice on power tools. It even introduced my very first best buddy: Bosch 4000-07 15 amp 10-inch worksite table saw with folding stand. Find out more about this unit Amazon including great product reviews.

Bosch 4000-07 review

No more guessing games, I posted this Bosch 4000 review to share my very interesting experience. Discover what made me change my mind about getting my personal power tool. Here are some remarkable table saw features that you can never say no.

  • Powerful Motor
  • Efficient Saw blade
  • Extensive Table top
  • Precision Rip fence
  • Proficient Tool guards

In particular, this Bosch 4000 review presents an overview of the must-have features of table saw models. From here, I intend to show how Bosch 4000 perfectly fits the shoe. Get ready to meet your next carpentry buddy on this power tool.

It’s all about power and speed. Woodwork ripping literally requires power, unless you want to end up exhausted ripping the woodpiece yourself. As the main power generator, the motor commences the beginning of cutting operation. This component sends spinning trigger to the circular saw blade by way of electric current emitted.

In turn, mechanical output is measured in the number of blade revolutions per minute expressed as RPM. Enough to sustain thorough ripping process, Bosch 4000 is powered by 15-amp motor which yields no load speed of 3,650rpm. And, there is more to offer with the soft-start, constant-response circuitry that provides less noise and less vibration on motor start-up mechanism.

Next thing to consider is the component driven by the motor, the saw blade. Sharpness is the most common concern raised on blade specification. Indeed, it is a valid issue that must not be undermined to ascertain prospective cutting efficiency.

One of the top blade performers is the carbide-tipped saw blade well-known for its highly resistant and highly durable properties. Discover this impressive sort of blade inclusive in the Bosch 4000 table saw with its 10-inch carbide-tipped circular saw blade. It is also armoured with 40 teeth for seamless blade strokes. As for detailed cutting, the blade can tilt from -2 up to 47 degrees perfect for making bevel cuts. See affordable packages on this unit at Amazon shipped for FREE.

As the prime indicator of capacity, table surface requires prompt attention. Undoubtedly, it should provide for sufficient workspace essential throughout the ripping process. Hence, it is more desirable to secure larger table space to lodge larger woodpiece.

Also, due to compelling spatial demands, manufacturers even developed extensions in case of longer or wider rips. Indulge into a large work surface with the 29×21-1/2-inch table dimension plus extendable fence of Bosch 4000. And, it is further inclusive of built-in sub-base to provide table support.

Sure, smart rip fence will come handy. You can now provide the ripping procedure with excellent support via smart rip fence mechanism. In particular, the rip fence guides the material along the ripping procedure by facilitating in-feeding and out-feeding mechanism.

Also, it is usually endowed with clamping system to secure the material in place. It performs an important role for thorough wood cutting to ensure that the table saw is equipped with appropriate rip fence. Look nowhere else for strategic rip fence inclusion, Bosch 4000 takes pride of its Squarelock Rip Fence with 25-inch capacity ideal to cater for large ripping material. Take note this fence is even extendable in case the circumstance calls for this option.

Lessen the risk along the ripping process with safety and security integration on table saw units. Safety can never be compromised as kickback tendencies can readily wage its attack. Hence, make sure that you are in the right hands by getting well-secured bench top saw. Luckily, the 4000 series of Bosch table saw keeps the user perfectly safe with its Smart Guard System that features user-friendly modular blade guards, anti-kickback pawls, and riving knife mechanism.

Bosch 4000-07 at Amazon

Cost must never be an issue in getting your power tools. Consider it as an investment with great payoff. And, this makes the less than $550 spending for Bosch 4000 at Amazon plus the almost 50% savings from the original price.

Inclusive Product Accessories:

  • 10-inch and 40-tooth Carbide-tipped circular saw blade
  • Miter gauge
  • Rip fence
  • Smart guard system
  • Push stick

Yes, quality is securely backed up. Equipped with product components certified by Bosch innovations, Bosch 4000 is covered by one-year warranty program.

Bosch 4000 certainly deserves above satisfactory rating attributed to its hardworking features. No wonder, out of 145 customer reviews at Amazon, it garnered an excellent rating of 4.5/5 stars. Here are some of the outstanding comments from very satisfied reviewers.

  • “a best table saw”
  • “Bosch 400-07 Best In Class”
  • “Excellent choice”
  • “Great little workhorse”
  • “Hard worker”
  • “Great saw!”
  • “Top notch bechtop table saw”

To keep the balance, Bosch 4000 has a minimal share of customers who are not that satisfied. One remarkable concern posted was regarding the plastic gear and plate which suffered substantial wear and tear after a year thereby affecting functionality. It is but an isolated case that might be attributed to poor tool maintenance.

Looking for great Bosch 4000 table saw value deals? There is no place like Amazon for it has been renowned for its affordable offers. And, it provides links to other sellers giving you extensive buying options.

Good news is at the same time you are reading this article Bosch already upgrade Bosch 4000 up to Bosch 4100-09 and also be a amazing popular tool on the markets today!

JET 708315BTC Benchtop Reviews

I am a head contractor although I only deal with small scale contracts. In fact, I only have five carpenters in my pool of workforce. I do the tools and machinery provisions because I always make sure that my men are equipped at least with the basic carpentry stuffs. I even designate a part of my earnings to a fund for emergency or prospect tool purchases. I thought having a reserve fund would be enough to pull off emergency acquisition of tools.

However, I only found out it is more than that when I was confronted to replace the old table saw I had. I was really challenged looking for the perfect yet affordable replacement. And so, I did an extensive research over the net from the list I made out of the recommended models from my fellow colleagues. After a day of deliberation with my team, we decided to pick the JET 708315BTC JBTS-10BT-3 15 Amp Benchtop Table Saw. Great news! It is available at Amazon for less than $500 only.

JET 708315BTC Review of Mine

I have written this Jet 708315btc review to help those looking for affordable table saw for the job. I understand the difficult process of checking out one unit after another. This is why I made it a point to offer my personal sentiment on selecting the best table saw in the market.

  • Power and speed
  • Operational controls
  • Work area
  • Convenient functionality
  • Durability and Maneuverability

Basically, I have supplied general information on table saw selection for this 708315btc review. And, Jet 708315btc product highlights are introduced on the basic pointers I mentioned. This way, you will see the relevance I wish to establish.

Before anything else, set your table saw motor requirements. Consider your daily workload, in terms of quantity and quality. See if cutting performance suits the demands of specified woodworks. Motor power is the main driver of the rotating blade. In turn, the higher the electric current yield, the faster the spins generated. Indeed, it is significant to ensure that blade potential is coupled with powerful motor support.

Check out this Jet 708315btc equipped with 15-amp motor that emits an impressive no load speed of 5,000rpm to ensure output is delivered the soonest possible time. And amazingly, the motor yields less vibration and less noise made possible with the poly-V belt inclusive in the smooth speed belt drive operation system. Enjoy this function when you buy this Jet innovation at Amazon.

Optimize ripping efficiency with precision operation control for detailed ripping. This is often achieved with bevel and miter angle range system that specifically guides blade and table inclination.

Consequently, the bevel angle facilitates the movement of the blade (up, down, right, and left) which specifies orientation of the cutter while miter angle facilitates table orientation. Specifically, the Jet 708315btc table saw can make 45-degree bevel cuts of up to 2-1/2-inch deep and 90-degree cross cuts of up to 3-inch deep.

Another remarkable component that initially dictates cutting capacity is the table where the woodpiece rests. Take note that thorough in and out feeding is facilitated through the work table wide and long enough to sustain the ripping process. In effect, it is safe to say that the bigger the surface area, the better in accommodating larger material.

Add-ons may also be attached for extended cutting capacity enabling to make rips more than the usual. For spacious work surface, the 708315btc series of Jet table saw is ideal endowed with 20×27-inch table ideal. There is more on this unit though, it is further adorned with extension wings that can handle maximum cutting capacity of 24-1/2-inch.

Tool operation is inimical towards attaining full potential functions of any table saw. More often than not, there is a pre-emptive sentiment that highly technical gadgets are complicated to operate. This must be clarified though as more and more user-friendly features are incorporated in highly developed units, too.

No wonder, Jet 708315btc is one fascinating table saw jam-packed with easy-to-operate controls such as the dual function handwheel that serves as the tool handle and bevel adjustment control. Not only that, it is integrated with precision rule measurement system for quick and easy cutting capacity recognition.

Power tools are commonly regarded as weighty due to their big-time features. This is but no longer applicable on this modern age as cutting tools, compact with many different technical details, are made available in lightweight packages. This way, ripping can be done whenever and wherever given the portable tools enough to be hand-carried in any work site.

And, you do not have to worry in terms of extreme settings that expose the tool to possible depreciation for durability features are right intact. Get to enjoy durable and portable table saw unit with the 708315btc model among Jet table saws adorned in exclusive steel Jet design that comes in 62lbs lightweight.


Jet 708315btc Attractive Package at Amazon

Considering the attractive Jet 708315btc package, the product’s worth is way more than its cost. Find out more options at Amazon offering the unit for less than $500.

Product Package Inclusions:

  • Manual
  • Miter gauge
  • Rear outfeed support
  • Saw blade
  • Warranty card
  • Wing extension

Now here is the best part of the deal! Durability guaranteed by Jet power tools on the Jet 708315btc table saw is further supported by five-year warranty coverage.

Looks like it is charismatic, too! Amazon product reviewers have given their verdict and Jet 708315btc earned 3.5/5 stars average rating which is clearly above par out of 43 customer reviews. It only gets to show that customer satisfaction has been met. In fact, here are some of the heartwarming comments from satisfied customers.

  • “Cannot Beat The Price”
  • “Excellent deal”
  • “Great Saw for a great price”
  • “Great Saw for Budget”
  • “Great Value Saw”
  • “Good saw for the price”
  • “Jet table saw-Best for the price”

Final Review

Jet 708315btc table saw might not be designed to please everybody, but it did please the majority. Among others, one intriguing concern raised was the defective fence which happens to be an isolated case. The rest of product quality issues posted are generally about cheap material but it has to be understood that Jet optimized this economy table saw variant to deliver quality output from inexpensive input.

Get the best offer of Jet 708315btc purchase deals online at Amazon starting at $450. Besides, you can easily compare deals among other sellers right on the links provided on the website. Do you still want more product details? More great value offers on Jet 708315BTC at Amazon for less than $500 along with many other purchase options.